"As a media professional, world traveler, and linguist I am astonished by the talent and versatility of this artist. The faith and emotion that is captured on this CD will stir any listener who is a lover of beauty and a seeker after perfection. Every track is a mini-masterpiece and the effect of the entire CD makes the listener truly proud to be human. In a world filled with mediocrity it is refreshing to encounter an artist who apparently will settle for nothing less then perfection. Whenever, I finish listening to this CD I feel calmer, more focused and somehow closer to the divine. " NYC J.J.M.

"This CD transported me from my high pressure world as a corporate lawyer to a world of bliss. Using the languages of the world both ancient and modern the artist soothed my nerves and restore my faith in the arts to heal and help. I especially loved the American Pop Ave that I play in the morning to start my day. I play the Gaelic Ave when I am stuck in rush hour traffic and need to be calmed. I play the lively Hungarian piece when I need to be stirred to action! What an accomplishment for this unique woman whose voice once heard will never be forgotten." T. Foster Chicago